A Separation.

Abby Katherine
1 min readApr 2, 2022

a poem on losing yourself.

Woman holds up small mirror against blue sky. Her brown hair and a brown eye is shown in the reflection.
Joel Naren via Unsplash

Hearts don’t break clean, jagged, sharp pieces make up what’s left of me.

There are no albums or fables that truly speak to this involuntary separation

of the me I once loved, and the person I’ve come to be.

My soul is weathered, my skin not even close to being leathered.

Breaking down and growing up aren’t separate things,

no one warns you about the heartstrings you must sever.

A separation is often associated

with shattered romance and growing distance,

nobody tells you that in order to preserve your true self,

you must combat the world with a furious and unrealistic resistance.

So, yes, there are oceans between me

and that happy-go-lucky girl

born into this world with a fiery sense of determination.

No matter how long it takes I will find her again and say,

“That wasn’t forever, it wasn’t goodbye, it was only a temporary separation.”

As always, I’m so grateful that you’ve chosen to read my work! This is my second piece for #escapril2022. Thank you for reading! ❤ Abby

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